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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Chirasi-zushi with Salmon Roe and Snow Crabs

Chirasi-zushi with Salmon Roe and Snow Crabs

Chirasi-zushi is one of the sushi dishes in Tokyo, Japan. The many kinds of sashimi are put onto "sumeshi (white rice cooked for sushi)" and it looks like a gorgeous seafood rice bowl. However, people from other parts of Japan, and people from countries outside of Japan have begun to savor this meal.

This chirashi is made with salmon roe, snow crab meat, seaweed, shiso, mitsuba (Japanese parsley), sumeshi and shredded omelet (it's a complex dish that usually only chefs can master well). November to December is the best time to eat this dish.

It can be confusing to order this dish because people from other parts of Japan know Chirasi-zushi to mean "gomoku-zushi (several kinds of ingredients like eggs, lotus, shiitake mushroom, eel, carrots, kanpyo and, etc. are mixed with sumeshi)", a meal for a celebration. Be careful when you are ordering to avoid confusion.




Photo shoot at Hirohisa