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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Suppon (a soft-shelled turtle)

Copyright 2015 by Naoko Takagi

Copyright 2015 by Naoko Takagi

Copyright 2015 by Naoko Takagi
Suppon from Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan  静岡産すっぽん


One of the famous Japanese dishes is Suppon (a soft-shelled turtle). The extract and the broth of suppon is well known as the most delicious flavor in the world.

Preparing suppons makes us feel thankful for the sacrifice they make by becoming our food. Japanese people have a ritual of saying, "Itadakimasu" before eating. This is a kind of greeting. "Itadakimasu" means "I'm going to eat," "thank you for the cooking," or "thank you for giving your life to me. "Killing suppons makes us re-realize that we take something's life away. The "Itadakimasu" spirit is one of the traditions that Japanese culture and culinary artists want to spread all over the world.



Photo shoot at Hirohisa