Washoku is the Japanese word for Japanese cuisine. This blog will introduce Japanese food, the chefs, dishes, pottery, and Japanese culture. All photos are by Naoko Takagi, contributions from other individuals will be noted.

Saturday, November 7, 2015



Black truffles are often called a black diamond. Its strong odor is reminiscent of leaking gas oil. Although that may not sound appetizing, it is one of the most sought after ingredients for top quality restaurants in the world. The most popular farm for black truffles is in France, while white truffles are from Italy. The biggest export country, however, is China (a different variety of truffles). The truffle hunter always brings his partner- a female pig or dog. Pigs and dogs are also love to eat the truffles so when they find them, there is always a a great struggle to harvest them before the pig or dog does.

These truffles are best enjoyed with white miso in Japanese cuisine.



Photoshoot at Hirohisa