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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mirin Sorbet and Star Apple Ice Cream

Mirin sorbet photo by Naoko Takagi
Mirin Sorbet

Mirin Sorbet and Star Apple Ice Cream

Do you know "Mirin" ? Mirin is one of the more important condiments in Japan. It's a type of sweet sake (but usually used as a condiment, though). Dissipated mirin combined with some blue elderflowers which has a beautiful scent makes a very rich flavored sorbet, especially when topped with homemade strawberry and brown sugar syrup.

Star apples are in season now. They are very popular in tropical regions. They are high in fat. So despite being dairy free, a taste of this dessert has a very full fruity flavor. The fresh blueberries and red wine sauce add to the crispness of this dish.




star apple ice cream photo by Naoko Takagi
Star Apple Ice Cream

Chef: Hirohisa Hayashi
Photos & Text: Naoko Takagi