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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Shiso Juice

Shiso Juice

photo by naoko takagi
Shiso Juice

Shiso Juice

Shiso is the one of the summer vegetables. Shiso is a type of Japanese herb and has been used as a food ingredient for quite some time in Japan. There are also kinds of Shiso: red shiso is used for seasoning pickled plums and green shiso used for serving sashimi; egoma is also in the Shiso family. Shiso leaves are often presented alongside their flowers and fruit, making it an eye-catching and delicious ingredient. Shiso contains anti-bacterial properties so it's wise to eat it with raw food (like sashimi). Its potent flavor can make consuming a lot of shiso challenging, but rather than let the extra spoil, it can easily be juiced and enjoyed.



Chef: Hirohisa Hayashi
Photos & Text: Naoko Takagi