Washoku is the Japanese word for Japanese cuisine. This blog will introduce Japanese food, the chefs, dishes, pottery, and Japanese culture. All photos are by Naoko Takagi, contributions from other individuals will be noted.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Wagyu Ribeye from the Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan

Wagyu Ribeye from the Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan

Import deregulation for Wagyu beef has begun in United States, so you can enjoy Wagyu beef from Japan for a more reasonable cost now. One of the types of Japanese Wagyu beef is called Miyazakigyu. The -gyu ending on both words means beef. This will make it easier to distinguish from other menu items, when no translation is available. It is also imported into the U.S.. The beautiful marbled composition of Wagyu is not only appetizing, but also extremely tender with the umami flavor the Japanese are known for around the world. Don't miss the chance to try Wagyu beef if the opportunity presents itself.



Chef: Hirohisa Hayashi
Photos & Text: Naoko Takagi