Washoku is the Japanese word for Japanese cuisine. This blog will introduce Japanese food, the chefs, dishes, pottery, and Japanese culture. All photos are by Naoko Takagi, contributions from other individuals will be noted.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Spring Vegetables and Shellfish

Spring Vegetables and Shellfish

 Spring is the best season to enjoy delicious shellfish dishes. This dish is made with pen shell, aoyagi, heart clam, common orient clam, Japanese ivory shell and fiddle head, bamboo shoot, ramp, broccoli rabe, sugar pea and topped with red sea bream milt sauce.
 Many Japanese people would argue that this dish represents the best of the season, but they say that about most Spring dishes because there are so many tasty choices in Japanese cuisine.

春野菜と貝 鯛の白子ソース