Washoku is the Japanese word for Japanese cuisine. This blog will introduce Japanese food, the chefs, dishes, pottery, and Japanese culture. All photos are by Naoko Takagi, contributions from other individuals will be noted.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Grilled Miyazakigyu Ribeye

image of grilled miyazakigyu by Naoko Takagi
Grilled Miyazakigyu Ribeye

Grilled Miyazakigyu Ribeye

Grilling A5 grade Miyazakigyu beef requires a high level of skill to make it stand out from other beef that is also grilled. With the right technique and ingredients and cut of beef, it will nearly melt in your mouth.
Japanese wagyu is different from American beef. It is richer in fat compared to American beef which is a leaner meat. So if you like steaks, try miyazakigyu beef.



Chef: Hirohisa Hayashi
Photos & Text: Naoko Takagi